Get leaner, healthier and happier!

Get The SHIFT56 System book to change your life in just eight weeks!


Get leaner, healthier and happier!

Get The SHIFT56 System book to change your life in just eight weeks!



What is SHIFT56?

The SHIFT56 System is a new book that has been created to help you get leaner, healthier and happier. Here’s how our unique formula gets you amazing results that last.


Eat the food you love and get the body you want with our flexible and fad-free approach to nutrition.

The book’s food section will tell you everything you need to know so you can love food and lose fat.


Our elite personal trainers have created a new workout plan that you can do at home without any kit.

The SHIFT56 eight-week workout is suitable for both men and women of all fitness levels.


Our expert team share the simple tips that will allow you to sleep better, get energised and feel happier.

We know that modern life is busy and tiring - that’s why we’ve focused on small changes that get big results.


It takes just a few minutes a day to complete and will help you beat stress and be more productive.

By planning your Big Picture Goal and tracking your daily progress you’ll achieve more than you thought possible.

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Start your SHIFT56 System journey today!

Here’s a preview of what’s in new SHIFT56 book. Get your copy from Amazon today.


Read the answers below to get all the info you need to start your SHIFT56 journey.

What is The SHIFT56 System?

The SHIFT56 System is the new book, co-written by Union J star Josh Cuthbert, that reveals how you can start living a leaner, healthier and happier life in just eight weeks. Inside the book you’ll find an eight-week fat-loss exercise plan, a guide to eating for greater health and happiness, and a daily goal-setting journal, as well as loads of expert tips and advice on how to make some small and simple changes to your daily life that will soon have you looking and feeling better than ever!

How does The SHIFT56 System work?

The SHIFT56 System is based on three core principles that are the most important factors responsible for greater health and happiness: exercise, eating and journaling. Our smart fat-loss exercise plan is easy to understand and burns fat fast, and you don’t need any kit or a gym membership so you can do the workouts in the comfort of your own home! The healthy eating guide makes is so easy to eat for greater health and happiness, and you don’t have to give up the foods you love - we actually encourage you to eat them! And keeping a daily goal-getting journal is a proven way to get back in control of your life, freeing up time to do more of the things you love, or think you’ll love if only you had some more free time! In short, it’s your complete guide to living a leaner, healthier and happier life - for life!

Will The SHIFT56 System will work for me?

Absolutely! If you want to look and feel healthier and happier than ever, have more energy and motivation, be less stressed and frustrated, and start living the exciting and fulfilling life you want - and deserve - then the SHIFT56 System is for you! The book is for both men and women of all abilities, and has been made to help you make big, positive and lasting changes to your health and happiness in just a few simple steps. Inside the book you’ll also discover: why “detox diets” actually make you fatter and sadder; why counting calories is a waste of your time (and something you never need to do again!); how to get a better work-life balance; how to sleep deeper for longer; how to get your hormones to make your body burn fat, rather than store it; and much more besides!

Who is behind The SHIFT56 System?

The SHIFT56 System has been written by Union J star Josh Cuthbert - who’s already followed the eight-week plan and loved it! - alongside the world’s leading fitness, nutrition and happiness experts, as well as best-selling fitness author Joe Warner and award-winning fitness expert Jon Lipsey. The other SHIFT56 Squad experts are Kimberley Wilson, Brian St Pierre, Krista Scott-Dixon, Kim Ingleby and Tom Eastham.

Where can I get my copy of The SHIFT56 System?

The SHIFT56 System is available exclusively from from December 17th, 2017, and you can pre-order your copy right now!

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